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Optimizing Global Logistics: Staff Augmentation for Advanced Shipping Solutions
Staff augmentation to develop a custom application for international shipping management
May 25, 2024

As a contractor for Fern, we worked on a project for their client, Duviter. Our team developed a custom platform to manage and simplify international shipping tracking. This solution was designed to meet Duviter's specific needs. By effectively communicating with the client to understand their requirements, we used our software development skills to create a reliable and scalable platform that improved Duviter's shipping management and efficiency. 

A look into the development process

Our development process began by directly interfacing with Duviter, the client of Fern, to thoroughly understand their specific needs and requirements. By engaging in detailed discussions and regular feedback sessions, we were able to build a solid plan that accurately captured their operational challenges and desired outcomes. This close collaboration allowed us to translate Duviter's ideas into practical and efficient technological solutions. We meticulously documented each requirement, developed prototypes, and iterated on the design based on client feedback, ensuring that the final product was perfectly aligned with Duviter's vision. This approach not only ensured the creation of a robust and scalable platform but also fostered a strong partnership built on trust and mutual understanding.

Key Features of the platform

The international shipping management tool offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline logistics operations. One of the standout functionalities is the synchronized filters, which allow users to refine their searches and view interconnected data seamlessly. The platform facilitates the creation of bookings and suppliers, ensuring that all shipping details are accurately captured and easily accessible. Users can quickly search by ID to retrieve specific information, enhancing efficiency and reducing time spent on data retrieval. Additionally, the tool supports creating user accounts and a secure sign-in process, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive information. To further empower users, the tool includes an organized data analytics chart view, providing valuable insights and visualizations that help in making informed decisions and optimizing shipping operations.

Seamless interactivity and synchronized filter
Chart display for structured data analytics


In conclusion, our collaboration with Fern to develop a custom platform for Duviter has resulted in a powerful international shipping management tool. This platform, equipped with features like synchronized filters, booking and supplier creation, ID search functionality, user account management, and an organized data analytics chart view, has significantly enhanced Duviters logistics operations. By tailoring the solution to Duviter's specific needs and maintaining effective communication throughout the project, we ensured the delivery of a robust and scalable system that meets the highest standards of efficiency and reliability.

The technology powering the platform

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